Let's Stop Flytipping & Vandalism Together!

An easy to use app for the public, combined with a reporting system for administrators allows for fast and responsive feedback of vandalism, flytipping and graffiti

  • 2864 - Thumbs Up
    Easy to Use

    A fast friendly interface allows members of the public to quickly report vandalism

  • 2838 - Connected Mobile

    The app allows you to customize to your council or business.

  • 606.S2 - Reports
    Instant Reporting

    Evidence based reports are instantly logged by means of a cloud database.

  • 7141 - Starred Location
    Locate Offence

    The app allows the exact location of graffiti, dumping & vandalism to be reported back

  • 6359 - Brainstorming Ideas
    Built with Passion

    As well as having expertise in data analysis, system design and geointelligence, we care about our environment.

  • 3205 - Eco friendly Truck
    Fast Feedback

    Photographic evidence combined with GPS allows fast discovery when combined with Google maps.

Tippov Benefits

A community approach to reporting fly-tipping, vandalism and theft.

6951 - Internet
Simple User App

Instant reporting by users allows for faster responses. Simple to use, no personal details are needed.

606.S2 - Reports
Admin Dashboard

A collated dashboard allowing administrators to easily assess and analyse locations, collections, trends etc

icon designer for flytip tablet map
Map for Responders

A map interface for responders to navigate to the waste. Once dealt with it is checked off as complete.


Flytipping incidents in England


of Flytip is household waste

£12 million

Cost of Clearance


Dumped on pavements & roads


Questions & Answers

  • What does the app do exactly?

    The app is free for any user to download. It is a really simple way to report fly-tipping, graffiti and vandalism with the press of a few buttons.

  • I'm responsible for clearing of waste in my district - how can it help me?

    As soon as users report offending items, your organisation will be notified by email or sms. There is an administration panel which enables you to locate offending items, view them and see summary data, enabling efficient dealing with waste etc

  • Can it report other things?

    The app is extendable and brandable in its design - so other organisations may benefit. For example organisations may wish to be notified of health and safety issues, or utilities may wish to be notified of eg water leaks. Please contact us for this.

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